From 1991 … to 2018 and beyond
In 1991 with the editorial “The Yentl Syndrome” (Healy B. “The Yentl syndrome” Editorial, N Engl J Med. 1991 Jul 25;325(4):274-6.) Bernardine Healy, the first female cardiologist director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health demonstrated the systematic underestimation of risk and clinical undertreatment of women in heart disease. That year marks the beginning of the history of Gender Medicine, the gender-sensitive approach to sex-gender differences in health, diagnosis, and treatment, which we in EngHea are involved in and committed to spreading.
Not everyone knows that Italy is the only country that has a National Law on Gender Medicine “Application and Dissemination of Gender Medicine in the National Health Service” Law 3 art. 3 of 2018.  ( which was followed by :
2019 – Plan for the implementation and dissemination of Gender Medicine (
2020 – Establishment of the Observatory dedicated to Gender Medicine.  (
2023 – Decree adopting the National Training Plan for Gender Medicine.
 EngHea President Prof. Fulvia Signani collaborated with Parliamentarian Paola Boldrini in drafting the text of the law and with specific assignments in the drafting of both Decrees. She is also a Member of the Observatory dedicated to Gender Medicine as a representative of the CNOP National Council of Psychologists Order.
(*) Yentl girl. figure in a short story by Isaac Singer who had to pose as a man in order to study the Torah the holy book of the Jewish religion. Healy used the simile to ask: what does a woman have to do, dress as a man to be cared for in the same way?